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OPUS Members​
Curt Hanrahan (Woodwinds) 
James Sodke (Keys)
Steve Lewandowski (Guitar) 
Larry Tresp (Bass) 
Brian Ford (Drums)                     

Anita Stemper (Guest Vocals)
Paul Spencer Band
High Impact Jazz Entertainment - their hard-bop, straight ahead style focuses on capturing the full attention of their audience. This is not smooth jazz. When the music stops, the crowd knows it has been entertained.
A Wall of Sound
This group has an incredible blend of talented musicians with a unique chemistry and years of experience. Little has been recorded that A Wall of Sound can't reproduce.
These are some of the groups I regularly perform with in the Milwaukee area.

Senor Carlos
Burners Waltz
Steve Lewandowski  
Trinity  Blues Twos 
Jim Sodke  
Palmetto Dunes
Curt Hanrahan  
Santa Fe
OPUS Jazz Band an icon of Wisconsin jazz reunited for performances during 2012. The band has a long history of club, festival, and college performances and was 1981’s best Jazz/Jazz Rock group in WI. The group features a mix of original material and their interpretation of classics, and will impress with killer grooves and monster solos.  Get recordings on CDBaby
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